The city of Barcelona is capital of the autonomous region Catalonia in Spain and has about 1.6 million inhabitants (over 3 millions in the metropolitan area). After the first tramway network had been abandoned in 1971, the tram was reopened in 2004. Currently there are two tramway networks which are not connected with each other. There´s also a short tourist line, called the "Tramvia Blau". The Metro (Underground) Barcelona operates on a network of more than 120 kilometers. It is an unusual feature of the Metro that there are two operators (the municipal TMB and the Catalan railroad company FGC) and three different track gauges: The line 1 runs on broad gauge (1,668 mm), the line 8 on metre gauge, all other lines on standard gauge (1,435 mm).

Operator of the tramway routes is the "Tramvia Metropolità S. A.", all other modes of transportation (apart from three metro lines, see above) are operated the → TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona).
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