The city of Lausanne (about 150,000 inhabitants) in the French-speaking part of Switzerland on Lake Geneva has two metrolines besides the largest trolleybus network in Switzerland. The M1 is a conventional light rail line, which runs completely aboveground except for three underground stations. The M2 is a driverless underground line, which originated from a former cogwheel railway and was extended by 8 stations in north-west direction. Due to the gradients, only a French rubber tyre metro was considered. The Metro climbs up a height difference of 336 metres over a distance of only 6 kilometres with a maximum gradient of 12%. The trains of the M2 correspond to those of the line M14 in Paris, but every unit consists of only two cars. Both lines are overrun by their own success, they are often overfilled.

Operator of the network is → TL (Transports publics de la Région Lausannoise S.A.).
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